School Productions

Fall Play

The Fall production will be open to Middle School and Upper School students.  For the 2016 season, Allen Academy will be producing “The Ice Wolf”.  This is a story of a young girl – “Anatou- the different one”- born to a family in an East Hudson Bay Inuit tribe. The tribe believes her to be cursed and when her parents fail to return from a hunting excursion, they exile her out of fear. Anatou treks to the forest, where no Inuit goes and pleads to the Wood God to turn her into a wolf. The story is one that explores what it means to not accept someone or to not be accepted by others, and the road to redemptive change.

Spring Musical

Third through twelfth grade students can audition for the Spring Musical. We are pleased to join efforts with these grade levels to produce the timeless, powerful story of “Annie” the Musical for Spring 2017.  Set in the Great Depression, it is a story of hardship, loss, hope and optimism.  This show has been well loved and cherished for decades as a reminder that no matter what adversary we are facing in our day to day lives, “The sun will come out tomorrow.”

Middle School Drama

Sixth grade Fine Arts Rotation

Included in this trimester rotation schedule are two drama courses: Experimental Theater, and Exploring the Voice.

In Exploring the Voice,  students learn how breath control, pitch, range, timbre, tempo and imagery are applied to dynamically use their voice for purpose.  Students will gain a solid foundation in using their voice to deliver song,  poetry, prose, public speaking, radio show voices, character voices and video game voice overs.

In Experimental Theater students will write, produce, rehearse and perform small pieces in collaboration with each other.  In addition the students will gain an understanding of performance and the power performing arts can have on a community.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Drama

This course is a hands on, interactive discovery of theatre and its movements and impact throughout history. Students gain fundamental theatre concepts and ideas from Greek to Contemporary Theatre.  They will discover and explore the impact theatre has had on the world as a whole and learn of opportunities that go beyond acting.  This course if full of improvisation game play, critical thinking and creative exploration.

Upper School Theatre


Upper School Theatre is a hands on, interactive discovery of theatre and its movements and impact throughout history.  Students learn fundamental theatre concepts and ideas, and see the impact theatre has had on the world.  They also develop a children’s theatre pieces which they then are able to perform for the community as a traveling show.


In Production/Design students work with the Director to develop their skills in the areas of set, lighting, sound, props, costume and makeup design as well as learning the importance of stage management by implementing their creative ideas and bringing to life their vision.   At the end of the course students will showcase their work as a design team for one of the plays produced at Allen Academy.