Mark Engstrom

dab20cd4-b8a0-4ba0-93f5-b9fcf24d33bcMark Engstrom
Head of Middle and Upper School

Mark Engstrom has made a career out of education having been a student or teacher for every year of his life since kindergarten.  He held teaching and/or leadership positions in Korea, the U.S., Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil for fifteen years before coming to Allen.  He has moved here with his wife, Nicole, and their two children, Alex and Emma, who both attend Allen.

In his spare time Mark enjoys spending time with his family, playing strategy games, reading almost all things non-fiction and traveling when he can.  After spending the ten years before Allen in the cities of Houston and Sao Paulo, he is enjoying the healthier and happier lifestyle that BCS offers.  Mark would be happy to chat about culture, books you’ve read, games you’ve played, experiences you’ve had, how we can make education more student driven, dreams for the future or just about anything else that you find interesting.