Allen Academy’s preschool program nurtures a love of learning by inviting students to participate and grow through interactive lessons, games, and activities that are appropriate for each child in both age and maturity. Our program provides a well-rounded and challenging academic experience for children in Pre-K I (3-year-olds) and Pre-K II (4-year-olds). We place a strong emphasis upon the uniqueness of each child so that they may learn to value others in the same way.

At Allen Academy, we believe it is important to nurture every child’s cognitive and physical growth, as well as their social and emotional development, helping them learn the basics of cooperating, sharing, following directions, and self-acceptance. Using a theme-based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and student-centered, we provide an environment where children are encouraged to be children. Play becomes the tool for learning in a warm and loving atmosphere that nurtures the child’s total growth and development. School days are structured to provide a balance of inquiry, exploration and play-based learning.

What does this look like when you walk into our preschool?


Language and Literacy Development

Cognitive Development

Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development


In addition, our preschool students receive regular Music and PE instruction from Allen’s Music and PE co-curricular teachers. Receiving instruction from the same co-curricular teachers as the Lower School students allows for a more streamlined experience as students transition from Preschool to Kindergarten, in regards to both curriculum and instruction.