At Allen Academy our preschool program provides a well-rounded and challenging academic program. Our curriculum is theme based, developmentally appropriate and child centered. We place a strong emphasis upon the uniqueness of each child in order that they may learn to value others in the same way. Children learn the basics of cooperating, sharing, following simple directions and self-acceptance. Our program provides an environment where children are encouraged to be children. Play becomes the tool for learning in a warm and loving atmosphere that nurtures the child’s total growth and development. Allen nurtures a love of learning by inviting students to participate and grow through age- and maturity-appropriate tasks, games and activities.

CENTER TIME: students explore thematic concepts, art and skill-building with the help of our talented certified teachers.
LANGUAGE: we incorporate literature, thinking skills, reading and vocabulary development.
SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES: a variety of experiments and hands-on activities develop understanding of our biweekly themes.
MATH: exposure to counting, graphing, sorting and early addition/subtraction concepts.
CREATIVITY: the children enjoy a variety of art mediums, music and movement.
AUXILIARIES: we provide library, music, and PE.

PREK-I (3 year-olds), focuses on:

PREK-II (4 year-olds), focuses on: