2018 State of School Address Recap

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On Wednesday, Jan. 24th, 2018, Dr. Rush delivered the State of the School Address, which you can still view the Livestream recording here: https://vimeo.com/252889135. In the event that there are specific sections you would like to review, there are linked bookmarks to section changes within the Vimeo video description.

Additionally, here are some of the salient points from throughout the presentation:

Looking Back

Early in the year, we “weathered” a solar eclipse, hurricane & flooding, the uncertainty of an ISAS visit, and 5″ of snow during a wonderful winter evening!

• Best of Brazos (5th year in a row/ 1st year for Best Pre-School)
• City of Bryan proclaims September 13 as Allen Day
• Rededication of Baker Field at Homecoming (plaque and sign)
• Cities in Space success
• Expansion of leveled reader sets in grades K-2
• Additional library materials through Scholastic Book Fair & generous donations from Karen Shiver
• Addition of more after school clubs/programs
• New MS & US clubs – new opportunities each trimester
• 15 teachers for in-house PD for G-Suite, Google Power Searching and Personalized Learning
• School Spelling Bee Champ is in the LS
• Handwriting Without Tears
• Interactive Science program now K-5
• Five MS students made All-Region Band (2nd Chair trumpet, 2nd Chair tuba, 5th and 17th Chair clarinet, and 9th Chair flute)
• Orchestra numbers continue to grow- 4 classes now!
• Aladdin, Jr. in December
• After two years making such a difference with their Get Hip to Habitat coastal wetlands restoration, 8th grade elected to move forward with a wetland renovation! This included identifying organisms in zones they created, clearing the wetland of trash, and establishing a plan for the renovation.
• Visual Art continues to be outstanding in all grades, including:

• Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo
• Grand Champions in Illustration & Photography
• YAM State Capital Exhibit
• Council of Governments Exhibition



• Varsity Football returned to Allen in 2017 – Sr. Kolby DuPont earned 6-Man Player of the Week in the state of TX after a 511 yard/ 8 TD performance.
• Varsity Men’s Basketball opened district play defeating #1 & 3 in state; Currently boys hoops #1 in State!
• Varsity Soccer defeated St. Joseph’s on PKs
• Middle School girls volleyball (fall) and Middle School girls basketball (winter) won huge tournaments this year.
• Cheerleaders have been everywhere and enhanced school spirit at every turn; thank you, Coach Boley and all of our cheerleaders!

Allen Fund

                  Participation     Dollars raised
2012/13:            64%              $52,000
2013/14:            70%              $62,000
2014/15:            82%              $102,000
2015/16:            81%               $111,000
2016/17:            78%               $109,000
2017/18:            80%              $121,000

The Allen Fund supports:

  • National searches for all teaching and administration positions to ensure the highest quality pool for each opening
  • School trips (overnight and day trips)
  • Funding for classrooms – furniture, equipment, manipulatives
  • Wellness/ College Counseling – materials, speakers, connections
  • Professional Development: additional training, certifications, conferences
  • Lower School Conference Room – have you seen it?!?!
  • WAC renovations – have you seen it?!?!
  • LED Conversions on light fixtures as they go out to save money in long run
  • Preschool hallways
  • Preschool art room
  • Yearbook trip to Dallas
  • English teachers to St. Louis for NCTE
  • Students to Anaheim, CA for NAIS POCC/SDLC Conference




• Two new Ford Transit Vans for all students to use; thank you to the Rentfro family and College Station Ford
• New SEC Scoreboards (February); thank you to Atkinson Toyota and Atkinson, Lucas, and Ortgies families
• Thank you to Aaron Dawson for his donation of countless hours to unpack Birkman assessment with each junior and their parents



Signs of Health and Commitment

Tuition Assistance
• 2013-14       20% of families   –   $60K
• 2014-15       22% of families   –   $120K
• 2015-16       25% of families   –   $150K
• 2016-17       32% of families   –   $236K
• 2017-18       32% of families   –   $242K

• 356 students
• 27 different zip codes
• 23 nationalities
• 14 languages spoken

Professional Development
• 2013-14   –   $5K
• 2014-15   –   $10K
• 2015-16   –   $20K
• 2016-17   –   $35K
• 2017-18   –   $40K

• 2013-14   –   $8K
• 2014-15   –   $15K
• 2015-16   –   $30K
• 2016-17   –   $42K
• 2017-18   –   $49K


What does it mean for the School?
• Extraordinary pride
• Prestige among all private & independent schools in the states represented (we are 1 of 88 total, across 6 states)
• Opportunities for incredible PD for faculty & staff
• Opportunities to join the ISAS Trust
• Higher level of recognition from colleges and universities
• Highest level of accreditation for a private school in our state
• Same status as schools like Kinkaid, St. John’s School, Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Hockaday, to name a few.

Adaptive Expertise

This is Bloom’s Taxonomy illustrated in a hierarchy/growth way. Bloom’s is universally accepted as a sound conceptual model for how people learn and apply learning.

This is our concept of building resilience and grit. This climb is an iterative process that welcomes and champions the concept of learning from failure to build the mindset necessary to be an adaptive expert.

The combination of the triangles is brought together through an intentional process of reflection and communication. The communication can be through either written or oral expression (ie. test corrections that require an explanation of how/why the problem was missed and expressing what went wrong, student led conferences, self assessment that requires evidence for specific ratings, end-of-unit reflections on both achievements and habits of mind).

Are Allen’s intellectual rigor and forward-thinking model of education working? In a word, yes.

“Throughout my time at Allen, I’ve witnessed incredible growth in the quality of education. As a result, I’ve been inspired to grow and challenge myself as a leader and a student.” – Current senior

“I feel I was well-prepared to handle the transition to college, especially in being proactive to seek help from my professors. I definitely learned that at Allen.” – Allen Alum, Class of ’17

“College admissions officers know the independent school world and the strength of programs like that of Allen Academy.” – College Admissions Director

Looking Ahead

• Transition Nights (5th-6th and 8th-9th)
• Admissions Open Houses – Kindergarten Open House on Feb. 6th, K-12 event on March 8th
• 5th grade overnight at Camp Allen (Feb. 28-Mar. 2)
• MS/US trip to British Isles (2018); Japan (2019) during Spring Break
• TAPPS Solo/Ensemble for US Band students in March
• Bocón (MS Play) & A Piece of My Heart (US Play) in late April
• ISAS Fine Arts Festival (April in Dallas)
• Talk with the Space Station:
Allen Academy is teaming up with ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) and Texas A&M SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) to host a radio event where students will communicate directly with the astronauts on board the space station as it passes over our campus. Prior to the event, students here at Allen Academy will participate in a number of activities specific to the International Space Station and radio transmission. Allen Academy will be starting a radio club and will have our very own station and callsign here on campus. Stay tuned…

The Ramble – Saturday, March 3

Patriot Dinner & Cadet Golf Classic – April 29-30

2018-2019 School Calendar

* August 15 – First day of school
* September 13 – Founders Day
* October 8 – Fall Break
* November 12 – Veterans Day Assembly
* November 19-23 – Thanksgiving Break
* December 21-January 7 – Winter Break
* January 8 – Classes resume
* February 15 – Professional Development Day (no classes)
* March 11-15 – Spring Break
* May 18 – Graduation
* May 24 – Last day of school

Next Year

Budget is set with a 4.7% increase and 356 Students

What does it cover?
• Teacher salary increase across the board
• Continued Equity Adjustments to get closer to benchmarks
• Moving closer to Strategic Plan goals of Technology (1.5%) & Prof. Development (1.0%) of operating: ’18-’19 will be (1.0 & .08)
• Increase of 1% to all curricular/department budgets
• Softball returns!
• Commitment to A.E. and pushing toward being the educational leader in the area

Next Steps:

• Receive an e-mail from the School on 1/29/18 (Re-enrollment due Wed., February 14)
• Follow the instructions on the screen
• For help with online re-enrollment, send questions to: aprescott@allenacademy.org or ttucker@allenacademy.org

Importance of timely re-enrollment
Take advantage of discounted enrollment fee from $250 to $50 per student.
After February 14, enrollment is open to the public and your child’s space cannot be guaranteed.
Communicate with us.

Thank You!

Board of Trustees, EPAC/PAC, Faculty/Staff, Parents, Students.
We are unique and we are doing great things at our school that no other is doing in this area. We are gaining local, state, and national recognition through our accreditation process, college counseling, publications, presentations, and presence at regional and national events.

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