State of School 2016 – Looking toward 2016/17

Author: Matthew Rush  • 


So excited to announce some very exciting things as we celebrate 130 years of education at Allen.

Some key highlights include:
* Allen Academy has started an endowment for the first time in its history
* The school is the largest its been (enrollment) since 2003-2004
* There is a new mission statement that was shared and a new motto that is forthcoming after final voting
* A school Inclusivity & Community Statement is also close to being shared
* Additional personnel will be hired, including a Guidance Counselor for social, emotional, and behavioral support for all students PK-12
* Move to TAPPS (Athletic & Academic Conference) begins in August 2016
* Goal to become a member of ISAS again after a visit in 2017
* Class of 2016 (22 seniors) has completed 200 applications to 80 different schools covering 32 states & Washington, DC
* Former Athletic Director and Basketball Coach Dave Bliss will be the graduation speaker on May 21, 2016
* Budget for 2016-17 announced based on 340 students – initiatives to include additional equity for teacher pay, increased budgets for Professional Development, Technology, and Curricular Departments

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