Adaptability In Action.

Author: Patrick Baker  • 

As a core value at Allen Academy, adaptability has been a through-line for more than 130 years.  Whether it was changing campuses, changing format from co-ed, to military prep, to an independent day school, our school has and will continue to adapt.

Already this school year, we’ve seen the need to adapt and the results from that open, growth-minded approach.

No varsity football this fall could have defined the fall, if not the entire school year.  It could have derailed alumni, the seniors, or the boys who were ready to commit to working hard on the gridiron, but didn’t have that opportunity.  Instead, everyone has focused their energy and spirit toward celebrating other, equally important facets of Allen.

Last night we witnessed a great gathering of children, parents, alumni, and friends of the school to watch middle school football, varsity volleyball, and the annual crowning of the King and Queen of Homecoming.  And without a beat skipped, the evening was a success in every way possible.

Here’s some of what I saw:

Amazing Rambackers parents (athletic booster group), volunteer parents cooking burgers and running concessions, lower schoolers serving as water girls/boys, cheerleaders at the volleyball game, former varsity football players helping coach their middle school brothers, the band playing proudly, and newer alumni coming to participate immediately after some exams from across town… all of it was awesome.

And to end the night, the change to present the Homecoming Court in the gym immediately following the volleyball game provided an environment that was intimate, close-knit, and focused on another core value: partnership.

I don’t know many schools where the sequence of events would have unfolded in a positive and understanding way, but I do know that Allen Academy is special in this regard and any one associated with our community should be proud to call themselves a Ram.

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