Choosing to celebrate

Author: Patrick Baker  • 

The month of May in schools is filled with opportunity: opportunity to finish strongly, opportunity to reflect on how much each of us has learned, and opportunity to say goodbye. Most importantly, however, it’s a great time to remind ourselves to celebrate.

Sadly, we live in an age where we are constantly bombarded by images and messages to suggest the negative – to remind us what we don’t have. Maybe that’s a type of automobile, a certain physique, or the newest “i” gadget. Amid political, economic, and social commentaries, there is no shortage of negatives there, too.

Instead, I urge our community to continue to see things differently. While we will always look for ways in which we can improve, let’s also be thankful for what we have at this moment. We have curious, compassionate, and creative kids, teachers who strive endlessly to support, challenge, and inspire our students each day, and a community of learners, advocates, and supporters. We have a wonderful facility for learning, teaching, and engaging. We have an incredible 130-year history, a growing partnership with Texas A&M, and an enduring reputation of being the “Best in the Brazos.” And while in each of those areas there is always room to be even better, we are also on the brink of returning to the best private school academic and athletic conference (TAPPS), inching closer to our reaccreditation with ISAS, and continuing to grow in every way imaginable.

It is essential that we continue to push ourselves to be an even better Allen Academy; however, it is just as essential to take time to consider how far we have come as a community. Let’s celebrate the academic, athletic, and artistic accomplishments of our 333 students. Let’s celebrate the national honors awarded to our current and incoming faculty. Let’s celebrate and honor the people who’ve made our school great for over a century. And let’s celebrate how far we’ve come in the last two school years.

I am choosing to take the opportunity this May to celebrate a year of growth, difference making, and 23 awesome seniors. I am choosing to see opportunity where others see deficit. I am choosing to trust in the partnerships of parent-to-parent and school-to-family. We have learned a tremendous amount about ourselves this year, and that only serves to make us even better. I choose to be thankful for what we do have and work toward becoming even better next year.

What do you choose?

My best,


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