Dia de los Muertos & Halloween Excitement at Allen Academy!

Author: Heather StClair  • 

It was a fun-filled week on campus between exploding pumpkins, wearing costumes to benefit the United Way, and celebrating Dia de Muertos!

Led by our fantastic World Languages department, our students had a wonderful Dia de los Muertos celebration. This holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico and the United States as a way to remember and honor deceased loved ones, and is a time to celebrate life and emphasize the importance of family.

After spending the week learning about the cultural significance of Dia de los Muertos, our students took part in creating an ofrenda. This important tradition involves setting up an altar (not for worship) with a collection of items intended for deceased loved ones. Their ofrenda was created in honor of the founders of Allen Academy and remained on display at Fall Fest on Friday evening.

The presentation of the ofrenda, led by Señor Chavez, Señora Herron, and Señora D’jeubou, included a performance by our US Band who played a lovely rendition of “Remember Me” from the movie COCO as part of our celebration!


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