Giving Thanks

Author: Heather StClair  • 

As the end of November approaches and there’s a break from the normal routine today and this weekend, my hope is that we each take time to appreciate the concept of family.

Family can mean many things and the DNA of it can be anything from chromosomes to happenstance. No matter how you conceptualize it, however, I hope you feel a part of the Allen family. Further, upon reflection of the fall trimester, I hope it harvests the same smile for, pride in, and thanks I have to hundreds of individuals.

I am thankful…

For our incredible students. Over the past three months, we’ve had remarkable accomplishments on the courts and fields, in the classroom, and in the community. In addition to a great Homecoming week that saw numerous defeats of rival St. Joseph’s, every fall team at all levels enjoyed winning records, personal bests, and playoff berths in a chance to win a championship. Our middle and upper school students each earned 1st place at the Cities in Space competition, and their projects are headed to the moon in 2019. From Preschool through 12th grade; from Apple Day to harvesting smooth cord grass in science, to medical internships – great learning is ever-present. To cap it off, 75% the class of 2019 already has at least one acceptance to a 4-year college/university.

For our honored veterans. Our fourth annual Veterans Day Assembly reminded us to be appreciative of those who have sacrificed and those who continue to sacrifice in order for us to live in a land that grants incredible freedoms. Meanwhile, our speakers called us to action: one reminded us that we are privileged to live free, while the other encouraged us be leaders of action, knowers of ourselves, and doers of what is necessary.

For our dedicated faculty and staff who continue to be mindful and reflective of their craft each day. Not only do they push themselves to grow, but they take incredible amounts of time beyond the classroom to forge deeper and meaningful relationships with students. We’ve had numerous teachers present at national conferences, representing Allen Academy and great work being done at our school. Together, they’ve created a culture of nurture for and empowerment of our students and deserve much praise.

For our generous parents. We’ve had an enormous outpouring of support to insure our students have great experiences. Not only has the early support of the Allen Fund been very high, we’ve had even higher investments of time from volunteers. Ram Backers has been a great supporter of our MS and Varsity athletes, providing staffing for concessions, to take gate, and to support the teams in their needs. The Fall Fest Committee provided a simply outstanding fun-filled, family-centered evening, even amid the difficult decision to postpone from the original date. And both our Ramble and Patriot Dinner/Cadet Golf Classic committees are fully staffed with energetic, team-oriented, and passionate people. Everyone should be excited for those two events that highlight the 2019 portion of this school year.

In closing, let me say thank you to you. In order to make a school a great place for children, we all must be committed and play a role. Through your support of time, talent, and resources, we’ve begun the year strongly. When things have been less than perfect, we adapted, partnered, and persevered to come out successful. Our children are watching, and they benefit from this role modeling more than you realize. For all of it to date, I am thankful and I hope you are as well.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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