Grit, determination, and perseverance pays off

Author: Patrick Baker  • 
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Brooke (’13) was a budding athlete, an artist, and an incredibly dedicated student.  But something happened that was unforeseen.

In her 9th grade year, she became inexplicably ill. Unable to move, her family became extraordinarily concerned.  At one point, it looked as if Brooke might not make it. Luckily, doctors finally discovered that she had a rare, but treatable disease. Despite the anxiety, the pain, and the weekly trips to Dallas for treatment, Brooke pushed on in her schoolwork.  She worked with teachers to complete assignments, and complete them with the same intensity that she had when she was 100 percent healthy.  She pressed on.

Watching her classmates graduate, many of who had been with her since Pre-Kindergarten, was undoubtedly hard.  But she was determined.  A year later, on July 31, 2014, Brooke graduated from Allen Academy and joined 128 years worth of alumni of this prestigious institution.  The school could not be more proud of this incredible young woman and the determination she showed to achieve just one of her many goals.

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