Join Our 2016 Summer Programs!

Author: Patrick Baker  • 


Exciting. Educational. Safe. Fun. More than just a place to keep kids busy, Allen Academy’s Summer Programs are an opportunity for children to learn and discover, in combination with all the fun of a traditional summer camp.

Open to students who have completed PK – 5th grade, our Summer Programs are organized into six sessions, with each week-long session revolving around a different theme. Each day, attendees spend the morning participating in age-appropriate activities, experiments, and fun-filled lessons based upon the week’s topic of exploration.

Afternoons are filled with exciting field trips, arts and crafts, games, and more, as attendees are provided opportunities to expend all of their excess summer energy in a safe, fun-filled environment. Whether ice skating, swimming, participating in scavenger hunts, or more, Allen Summer Programs are an awesome place for your child to enjoy their summer!

Heather St. Clair
Director of Summer Programs

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