Kindergarten Field Trip Fun!

Author: Patrick Baker  • 

Kindergarten students have been studying about their community.  They began the unit with the Allen community.  Students learned about the positions staff members hold and why they are important to the students and their families.  Next, the children talked about the Bryan College Station community, its businesses and community helpers.  They visited the local HEB on Villa Maria, where they learned about how the store is stocked and how to make healthy eating choices.  The children to a field trip to Grub, owned by The Jimmy Loup Family, and learned about how the employees prepare the freshly baked bread, what vegetables are offered to customers and even a manners course on how to behave in a restaurant setting.  The children were especially thrilled as they were treated to a burger, shake and fries!  The unit was completed when the children created a model of a city which included their homes and local businesses.  To kick off our Pumpkin unit in math, students visited Dewberry Farm just west of Katy, Texas.  The children enjoyed a corn maze, going on the zip line, a train ride and much, much more.  Thank you parents for being such great volunteers and making our trips special!


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