Kindergarten learning about the body

Author: Patrick Baker  • 

Kindergarten has been learning about their bodies.  The students have had the opportunity to study bone names, discuss the importance of bones and better understand what to eat and drink to keep our bones healthy.

Students used random pasta to make a skeleton and painted their skeletons to look like bones.  They have also discussed what the muscles help our body to do. We learned that the heart is a muscle that pumps blood around our body. The kindergarten students learned that blood travels away from the heart in arteries and back to the heart in veins. Each student kept a weekly log of their exercise  that was used to discuss how many different types of exercise there is and how important exercise is for our body.  The students listened to many different stories about their body to help emphasis the importance of each body part.

We had the opportunity to listen to and ask questions to Ethan’s dad, Aaron Buzzard.  Mr. Buzzard works at the St. Joseph ER in Bryan.  He shared with the kindergarten students some of his experiences serving in Iraq as a doctor.  He also showed the students many x-rays of broken bones and explained, through a slideshow, how to fix the broken bone.
Over the next several weeks the kindergarten students will continue to learn about their body and how it works.

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