Looking back and looking ahead…

Author: Patrick Baker  • 

As we celebrate 130 years of Allen Academy, we more specifically celebrate Allen students, families, teachers, and friends-the people who have believed in and helped create this dynamic, enduring, and ever-evolving school community.

For well over a century, Allen students have been learning to live and think independently, to build healthy partnerships and thriving communities, to adapt and find themselves at home in a dynamically evolving world, and to achieve all this with both irrepressible vigor and unshrinking integrity.

From Allen’s humble but auspicious beginnings in 1886, independent-minded families in the Brazos Valley have entrusted the education of their children to Allen Academy. Whether as a refuge for rebellious boys, the highest-ranking military prep school for 60 consecutive years, or as a thriving co-educational, independent day school for the past 35, the Allen community has adapted-and will continue to evolve-to best serve each new generation.

As we move into the fall and starting anew, we will also continue to celebrate our school’s legacy not only as the oldest non-sectarian preparatory school in the great state of Texas, but also as home to generations of National Merit Scholars, Division-I athletes, military officers, business men, college professors, ranchers, Broadway actors, medical researchers, and respected professionals in countless other fields who live the Allen legacy through lives of purpose and service.  I hope you will join us in celebrating both what has been built and what we continue to build together.

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