LS students work with Master Pak

Author: Heather StClair  • 

Our first grade students recently had a special guest visit their classroom. Master Pak, a degreed black belt in Taekwondo, spoke with first graders about healthy emotions and how to properly react to them. He explained that a bully is not necessarily a bad person, but instead is a person who makes poor choices. Master Pak also showed the students how to de-escalate a situation by staying calm and speaking to the other person in an even-keeled manner. Also shared were guidelines for students to turn to other adults such as a teacher or parent if they need assistance in some situations. In addition, our students enjoyed some instruction in mild self-defense during some one-on-one time with Master Pak. Our thanks to Allen’s School Counselor, Ms. Malave, for arranging this school visit with Master Pak.

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