Play is a Child’s Work

Author: Heather StClair  • 

Play is the work of a preschool child.  They are always busy thinking, creating and satisfying their curiosity. In Preschool, we utilize these inherit gifts to teach our youngest students about our world and to ignite their love of learning. Center based play offers the opportunity for imagination to take flight and learning concepts to develop naturally through experimentation and social interaction.

Block play – encourages the growth of engineering and architectural concepts.

Dramatic play – encourages group interaction and development of characters, plot and storyline.

Home Center play – encourages experience in role playing family interaction and menu creation.

Manipulative Center play – encourages skill development in counting, sorting, graphing and beginning addition and subtraction.

Center based learning is also critical for developing children’s social skills.  Playing games together encourages using their words with others. This teaches the power of language in social interaction, problem solving, and begins developing a respect for the thoughts of others.

The environment of preschool encourages the development of future architects, artists, mathematicians, doctors, teachers and many other professions. Play is a vital need of small children, but also of adults.  As we grow, our play may change but it is still a necessary part of the enjoyment of life and learning.

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