Solar Eclipse at Allen

Author: Patrick Baker  • 


Global Type: Total Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse – 66% totality

Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 11:43 am – 2:42 pm

Maximum: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 1:13 pm

Duration: 2 hours, 59 minutes

In order to take full advantage of the educational opportunities presented by this natural phenomenon, students in grades 6-12 will participate in a variety of activities both in their classrooms and outside.


INSIDE THE SEC: Students will gather with their advisories for a brief presentation on the solar eclipse, discuss viewing station opportunities and create pinhole cameras. They will then rotate several times through a series of viewing activities.

LIVESTREAM VIEWING: Inside the SEC we will project live coverage of the event in totality. Here students can witness the event at 100% and in real time.


BUILD A PINHOLE CAMERA: Each advisory will be building 2-4 pinhole cameras to share while they indirectly view the solar eclipse as it occurs. Materials and instructions will be provided when students enter the SEC. Each advisory will carry the cameras with them as they visit the other stations taking turns viewing through it as they share time on the other stations as well.

SUN SPOTTERS: Several sun spotters will be set up with an indirect view of the sun and moon projected onto a poster board. This will offer viewers a detailed image including any sunspots that may be present along with a sharp distinct line of shadow as the moon moves in front of the sun. Opportunities to trace the image will be available for anyone who wants to create a quick memento from the event.

THROUGH THE SHADOW OF THE TREES: Students will view the eclipse as the image of the sun and the moon filter through the leaves of a tree onto canvases below creating beautiful images. Students may want to illustrate this, so art paper, pencils and pastels will be available at this station.


SOLAR VIEWING GLASSES: This station will serve as part of a rotational station outside of the SEC. Here students will have a first hand view of the event as it unfolds as each advisory member looks up together. Glasses are certified by NASA and AAS in order to ensure safety.

TELESCOPES WITH SOLAR FILTERS: A few small telescopes will be equipped with solar filters for direct viewing of the solar eclipse.


SOLAR VIEWING GLASSES and SMALL TELESCOPES WITH SOLAR FILTERS available in the picnic table area outside the WAC for those interested in getting an early start to the viewing.

Students in grades K-5 will learn about eclipses and sun / vision safety in their classrooms through books, music, and informational videos. Classes will also view the NASA Livestream in real time during the event.

In addition, students in grades 3-5 will build their own pinhole camera to allow for indirect viewing of the eclipse (using instructions found here:, and use NASA approved Solar Viewing Glasses for direct viewing of the solar eclipse.

Should parents have any questions regarding the solar eclipse viewing activities their child will be participating in, please contact the student’s science teacher and/or advisory teacher.

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