Third Grade Outdoor Science Lab with Chef Dave

Author: Patrick Baker  • 

The third grade students recently worked with Allen Academy’s own Chef Dave Terrazas and his staff in the school gardens picking summer squash, weeding the beds, and transplanting baby tomatoes and herbs. Using the knowledge of plant needs and adaptations acquired in their Plants Unit, students were able to identify traits that allow select plants to survive and thrive, such as tendrils, spikes, and broad leaves. The hands-on experience of working with the very plants we have been studying turned our school gardens into the third grade Outdoor Science Lab!

This visit was part of an ongoing collaboration between the third grade students and Chef Dave and his team. Students will be applying their in-class lessons regarding plant needs, adaptations and traits, soil quality, composting, and resource conservation throughout the year, enriching the gardens as well as their science education, and we are excited to watch them thrive!

Roman in garden (2)

AJ transplanting herbs (2)

Ethan and zucchini (2)

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